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HDMI 1.3 over CAT5 Extender

How it works

The HDMI-EXT-0102C HDMI Extender over Dual Cat.X boosts up the audio/video transmission distance up to 60m in HDTV 1080i format, 40m in HDTV 1080p format, or 20m in HDTV 1080p with 36-bit color depth. With two cost effective solid category cables, users can readily extend HDTV sources from DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, PS3, PC, and any other kinds of sources compliant with TMDS to distant display monitors including HDMI/DVI enabled TV sets or LCD PC monitors. Therefore any HDMI source device can transmit utmost high quality video and audio over great distance at minimal cost.
The HDMI-EXT-0102C includes two units: transmitting and receiving units. The transmitting unit is used to capture the input HDMI or DVI signals and carry the signals through two RJ45 connectors into two cost effective Cat-5/5e/6 cables. The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal. The transmission distance between the sending and receiving units can be up to 60m at HD (720p/1080i) or 40m at Full HD (1080p). With an 8-level equalization rotary control on the receiving unit, users can adjust the equalization strength to the received HDMI signals accordingly, and therefore optimize the transmission distance between source and destination.